Let’s Be Friends

So I just read my last post on my blog.  (Sometimes I do come to the site to see how things look).  I just changed hosting providers and set up a new theme, so I wanted to see how it looked today with fresh eyes.

cue Embarrassed Emoji… 

So my pictures were GINORMOUS cuz I thought I had a setting that limited their size – which I need to dig into.

One of them was sideways (amateur move, that one!)

And another one was blurry.


Even I can tell I’m out of blogging practice. 

But I’m a “Jump-in-the-saddle” kind of gal, not a “Hold-your-horses-Lady” so here we are.  Welcome to my world.

Anyway, I wanted you to know I have been thinking about you since I scheduled the last post.  Yep, for real.  I do think about the ones of you who stay to read my posts and sometimes comment – and want you to know that I appreciate your time.  I appreciate how busy life gets and how sometimes you might need a few minutes outside of your own scope to see life differently.  I feel you on that.

Some days I really just need a different perspective.  So maybe the sideways picture wasn’t so awful, huh?  Maybe it made somebody laugh.  Maybe it made one of you stop to take your mind off your own pressing matters to wonder about the kind of person who posts pictures sideways on her first entry into 2019.

What I probably shouldn’t mention is how excited I am because I am prepping some new posts about prayer and I wanted to share my excitement with you.  But I think I will take a little more time on the editing side of things and hope they can be more beneficial than just purely entertaining…

Next week, I will be sharing my “WORD” for 2019.  Subscribe by entering your name and email in that right sidebar so you don’t miss it (or any of my other silly foibles, for that matter!)

Either way, let’s be friends, shall we?

One thought on “Let’s Be Friends

  1. Marsha Baker says:

    I’m here…I want to read more, but I’m missing the gorgeous flowers in a header or your blog….will they return along with the silly emojis? Please! =) Excited to read more about what God is doing in your life cause you have such a beautiful way with words…and you didn’t get that from me. =) (And I don’t think I have to tell you I’m your BIGGEST fan!) XO

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