Glitches, Delays & Interruptions! Oh My!

I’ve had several things simmering on my blogging “stove” – percolating in my blogging “pot” – and have run into lots of glitches, delays & interruptions!  With school having started, I knew I would have more time to think, prepare and craft my blog posts.

And then our internet went out.  For a whole week!  It was a random thing – 3 different techs were at our house and found numerous reasons for the issues we were having – and finally, it got fixed!  It was interesting NOT having internet.  I could have done just fine without our phone or cable TV, but the internet (especially WiFi) saves my phone battery and I found myself charging my phone throughout the day!

I do believe that glitches, delays & interruptions are Providential.  Not always, but probably more often than I’d like to think.  I am a DOER, and when I can’t do, it makes me feel a lot of things I’d rather not feel.

Between my health issues cropping up over the past year, some financial obstacles, and technology glitches – I’ve come to realize how much my self-worth really relies on my ability to DO “all the things.”  And how NOT doing all the things makes me feel useless, worthless, less than, etc.

It is an ugly spot to find myself.  It is an ugly place to be.

Where all the other voices try to tell me who I am and what I am worth.  And when I am not hearing His Voice, it is so easy to fall prey to the vicious lies, threats, and insults.  To feel weighed down by the chains of inadequacy, regret, and failure.

But the truth is this:  When I don’t listen to His Voice, when I don’t rest in His Word, and when I won’t Be Still – I do fail.  I find myself scraping the bottom of the self-sufficiency barrel and coming up empty.

Because Y’all:  I. Got. Nothing.

But he invites me to Rest because HE calls me His Beloved.  And when I rest in Him, I remember this.  I remember His Love for me.  I remember that His Mercies are new every morning.  That He is faithful to me because He loves me.

I do nothing to earn His love.  I am not worthy of His love, and when I stop doing, He clothes me in His Grace and shows me His Glory.

If you are in a place that feels dark and oppressive and impossible – God is bigger than impossible.  If you find yourself running into obstacles in your life, stop and see if He is calling you to be quiet and still with Him.  Stop and check yourself.

He is not just Redeemer, but Restorer.  Not just Savior, but Sanctifier.  Not just Forgiving, but Freedom.

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36

Just a reminder to listen to the voice of Truth.  The voice of Freedom.

One thought on “Glitches, Delays & Interruptions! Oh My!

  1. Marsha Baker says:

    OH what a lovely heartfelt..heart stirring post. I can never have too many reminders that I need to run into His arms daily. Thanks for sharing so openly and honestly. XO

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