When You Can Start Your Day the Night Before

Maybe at the end of the day you collapse into your bed, tired from the tasks you performed and managing your home, work, and family.  Maybe two cups of coffee in the morning help you get going (like they do me), but you find that you run out of steam before the end of the day and can’t seem to finish everything you started.  Maybe you just can’t wait for the kids’ bedtime so you can have a few minutes to breathe.  Or think.  Or wash dishes.  Or visit with your husband.  I can totally relate!

One of my goals for 2017 was to do some online courses that helped me improve the way I manage my home – but not just in the organizational aspect!  I wanted to find things that would help me build some good habits and work out some bad ones that were keeping me in a a continuous state of confusion.  I found something that I want to share with you that is helping me turn my days around because my days are starting the night before!

I have always tried to find THE perfect planning system to help me manage everything.  Being the Messie I am, and the mom of VERY active kids with lots of activities and appointments – I definitely need help.  I can have the best set of pens, all the right planner pages and my phone calendar – but I needed help putting it all together in a system that Helps Me Succeed as a Mom!

FIRST OF ALL – Make Over Your Evenings is a simple 14-day course that comes with short videos, along with daily projects and worksheets to help you pinpoint and narrow your focus and priorities (This was my BIG AHA for this course!) so you can find more success in navigating through your busy days.

SECOND OF ALL – it comes from a source whom I trust.  I have found such great advice and direction from following Money Saving Mom and using her printables and courses.  So I am very comfortable in recommending her to you!

I am absolutely an affiliate of Make Over Your Evenings because it has been very helpful to me and is an affordable investment for obtaining a level of sanity in my insane life.  (This means if you click the links in this post or sidebar and purchase the MOYE course, I will receive a commission for referring you.  And I THANK YOU if you do!)

The great thing about this course is you can go through it once.  Or twice.  Or every year, for that matter.  As my kids are growing and life is changing, I find that walking through it every year really gives me a better focus when I need it.  I have recently re-started this course to help me establish some calm in my day and build a plan for helping my family thrive.  Having a plan for my day lets me stay on track, helps me keep my head in the game, and keeps my anxiety at bay.   It helps me handle overwhelm I feel from living a very full life.  And when I help my day start the night before, it makes me a much better mom!