Heads Up! Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle Sale

Hi Everybody!  Hope you are having gloriously sunny Spring days like we are in my neck of the woods!  Yesterday was nearly perfect!

Our changing weather has brought on some severe allergy issues for me – I’ve been wrestling with some serious allergens, and am feeling better today than I have in almost a week!  My allergy issues tend to go into sinus infections and I have to keep tabs on it.  I can’t take benadryl because it will knock me out (like literally.  for almost 12 hours.  with half the adult dose).  So I have to rely on allergy medication and some alternative remedies to try to keep me going.

Which is why I am so excited to share the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle with you!  Instead of making a whole post about it – I wanted to create a page for you so you can see all the items contained in the bundle.  Now listen, if you are AT ALL interested in relying on natural and alternative remedies for the health little issues that come along for you or your family – THIS BUNDLE IS FOR YOU!

Valued at about $800, containing 25+ ebooks and online courses, this bundle can help YOU use at-home remedies to help care for your health and the health of your family.  If you ever use any over-the-counter medications, you will probably find great value in this bundle!  You don’t have to become an herbalist to find this bundle beneficial – but I will tell you that one of the courses I’ve been taking {included in this bundle} has lit a fire in me again to learn what I can – not just about essential oils – but about herbs and natural products I can use (and even make myself) for my home and family!

Click RIGHT HERE to go straight to the Herbs and Essential Oils Sales Page!

Or, if you want to see all of the products that are included in the bundle, click RIGHT HERE to hop on over to my Ultimate Bundle Sales Page!

P.S. – I didn’t realize until late Sunday that a blog post I intended to go out on Saturday about this sale, actually got delivered on Sunday!  Blech!  I want to apologize for that.  I did not intend to send anything on Sunday and hope that if you are a mom, you did enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day!

Free Printables for Your Daily Routines

We all want what’s best, don’t we?  The best food, the best service, the best internet speed (Oh.  Is that just me?).  Many of us try to be our best and do our best in what we accomplish.  But sometimes, I find myself at the end of the day, wondering if it was all enough.  Did I DO enough today?  Could I have done more?

This is one reason God gave me the word “Enough” for 2017…  He wants to be ENOUGH for me and to let me know that I am Enough for the life He has given to me…

Sometimes, my best comes down in the planning for each day.  It isn’t so much that I am rigidly adhering to a plan, but rather that I have an outline for the day, incorporate my short and long-term goals, and take time to be intentional about how I spend my time.  I can either kill myself trying to stick to my written list; I can just wake up and go with the flow every day, meandering aimlessly through life; or, I can set aside time to plan and prepare.  I am still learning, but I want to share with you some printables I made to create a daily sheet for my kids and their routines.

I shared what can happen when you start the night before.

I have also shared what you need to begin building an effective schedule.

For the general everyday routines, I hone in on the important stuff – reminders to brush teeth and pack lunches, but also include the motivator of “screen time” when some routines are completed.  The ability to build their schedule, print it on paper, and post it for my kids allows all of us to relax and enjoy each other in the morning.  I don’t have to nag – they don’t have to try to argue.  It helps eliminate the nasty power struggles we tend to have far too often!

One important aspect of scheduling for me is that I need tools that are both practical and pretty.  I love lists and charts.  LOVE THEM!  (I am sure it is some kind of sickness…)  But just making a list every day gets boring and frankly, I lose interest sometimes…  On the other hand, when my planner page is pretty but does not have checklists, lines, or sections that are useful to me – it ends up sitting on a shelf unused.  (In fact, I have to add lines to my Happy Planner boxes when I use a checklist or need to track anything.  Don’t worry – I use other boxes just for pretty stickers and things…)

So I created some new routine charts for my kids.  My goal is to get them working on automatic to get ready for school, know what they need to do when they get home and help them remember to, ahem, brush their teeth every night before bedtime, too.  I also knew that I needed to personalize each schedule for each child so they could claim their “own”.

As a matter of fact, I posted Curly’s schedule yesterday afternoon and didn’t even have to ask her to check her routine or chore chart – she came home, she saw it and SHE DID IT!!!  Woohoo!  (Yes, I realize it probably won’t be like this everyday – and Georgie completely acted like she didn’t see hers…  I’m just gonna take one victory at a time, okay?)

I am sharing a couple of versions of the same file I created for my kids with you today.  These are available to you free – just for visiting my blog.  I created a grayscale version for anyone who can’t or won’t print in color – and a “spring” version because we are finally in that glorious season of the year!  Just click the links below to get your download.  Enjoy!

Daily Routines – Grayscale

Daily Routines – Spring

I hope you like these – I have a couple ideas for more designs, so I may have more to share in future posts.  If you have any questions or problems let me know in the comments!!!

When You Can Start Your Day the Night Before

Maybe at the end of the day you collapse into your bed, tired from the tasks you performed and managing your home, work, and family.  Maybe two cups of coffee in the morning help you get going (like they do me), but you find that you run out of steam before the end of the day and can’t seem to finish everything you started.  Maybe you just can’t wait for the kids’ bedtime so you can have a few minutes to breathe.  Or think.  Or wash dishes.  Or visit with your husband.  I can totally relate!

One of my goals for 2017 was to do some online courses that helped me improve the way I manage my home – but not just in the organizational aspect!  I wanted to find things that would help me build some good habits and work out some bad ones that were keeping me in a a continuous state of confusion.  I found something that I want to share with you that is helping me turn my days around because my days are starting the night before!

I have always tried to find THE perfect planning system to help me manage everything.  Being the Messie I am, and the mom of VERY active kids with lots of activities and appointments – I definitely need help.  I can have the best set of pens, all the right planner pages and my phone calendar – but I needed help putting it all together in a system that Helps Me Succeed as a Mom!

FIRST OF ALL – Make Over Your Evenings is a simple 14-day course that comes with short videos, along with daily projects and worksheets to help you pinpoint and narrow your focus and priorities (This was my BIG AHA for this course!) so you can find more success in navigating through your busy days.

SECOND OF ALL – it comes from a source whom I trust.  I have found such great advice and direction from following Money Saving Mom and using her printables and courses.  So I am very comfortable in recommending her to you!

I am absolutely an affiliate of Make Over Your Evenings because it has been very helpful to me and is an affordable investment for obtaining a level of sanity in my insane life.  (This means if you click the links in this post or sidebar and purchase the MOYE course, I will receive a commission for referring you.  And I THANK YOU if you do!)

The great thing about this course is you can go through it once.  Or twice.  Or every year, for that matter.  As my kids are growing and life is changing, I find that walking through it every year really gives me a better focus when I need it.  I have recently re-started this course to help me establish some calm in my day and build a plan for helping my family thrive.  Having a plan for my day lets me stay on track, helps me keep my head in the game, and keeps my anxiety at bay.   It helps me handle overwhelm I feel from living a very full life.  And when I help my day start the night before, it makes me a much better mom!

Why a Bullet Journal

If you do a search on Pinterest or even Google for “Bullet Journal” you will discover a vast community of people who use a bullet-style format for planning and goal setting.  You will also find many different ways to use a Bullet Journal, and maybe some of them could work for you.

While I have used a couple of different planner styles, I have discovered that my need for a Bullet Journal is very specific:  Lists!

I have finally found a system of lists that I can stay on top of and not lose every other minute.  Cuz that has always been my issue with lists – I am great at making lists – but I am even better at losing lists.

What good is a list if you cannot find it???

My bullet journal has proven to tackle that issue for me without adding a crazy amount of bulk to my systems.  And less is better when it comes to the systems I need.

First – what do I use as a Bullet Journal?

There are many different journals – ruled, unruled, graph, or dot – which can be used as the foundation for a Bullet Journal – and there are a couple of popular brands that many people recommend:


Leuchtterm 1917

Rhodia WebNotebook

Dot:Grid Designbook: A5

{I am an Amazon affiliate – any purchases made through these links will result in a little commission for me and probably fuel my coffee fund.  You don’t have to order through my link, but I would certainly appreciate it if you did!}

I personally own a Leuchtterm 1917 and Love. It.  I do prefer the hardcover and the back internal pocket, as well as the 2 bookmarks and quality of the paper.  (Yes, I am a paper & pen freak, so I pay attention to these little things…)  The paper holds up to a wide variety of pens without a lot of bleedthrough.  I love that.  I am actually using this particular journal to record Essential Oil information – details about oils & blends, recipes, recommendations & warnings, etc.  It is a work in progress.

I also own a cheaper version with dot-grid pages (and thinner paper) which I am currently using as my Bullet Journal.  Now this baby is what is keeping me sane.  And the more I dig into it, the better my systems are working together!  Currently, my lists include:

  • Budget / Bills
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner ideas (especially helpful for school!)
  • Recipe section (so I can find my go-to recipes in a flash)
  • Tasks & To-Dos (this is essentially my Brain Dump section)

I have created “dividers” of sort by using Washi tape along the edges of 1 or 2 pages taped together so that I can find each section easily without making the edges stick out and get ruined in my purse.  Because I carry this Bullet Journal in my purse everywhere.

I have chosen NOT to use it to outline my schedule in any way.  I have found that I can’t settle on a way to map out my schedule in this format, so I’m skipping that altogether.  I have a weekly page that I use on  my fridge – so the hubby can see it, too – and I use a Happy Planner (which I will probably talk about later at some point) for schedules and work projects.  Frankly, my phone is my primary scheduler, mainly because I can utilize digital appointment reminders and alarms.  But once it is in my calendar on my phone, I pretty much rely on my written schedule for reference.

I will show pics tomorrow so you can see the list sections for yourself!

Really, there are TONS of ideas out on Google or on Pinterest if you are interested in seeing some Bullet Journal styles and formats, and you can even find printables to use, as well.  This, just like so many things, has fostered Facebook groups and Instagram hashtags, so keep an eye out if those are your preferred social media streams!

This is the book I own for my Bullet Journal Now (Amazon link – I’m an affiliate so I could earn if you choose to purchase via this link)


Why I Am a Pro-Life Woman

I am a Pro-Life Woman. That may offend some. But it may also serve as a bridge to others. THAT – an opportunity to bridge a gap – is the reason I want to share my story. My experiences are not really about me. God has been with me through some horribly DARK moments due to my own choices. Choices that were made despite His opportunities to choose otherwise.

I exercised my “right” to an abortion. And it opened up a Pandora’s box of guilt, shame, remorse, flashbacks, and more pain than I ever imagined.
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Great Stuff for Christian Women on the Web!

I just love finding the (sometimes) hidden treasures on the Web, don’t you? There are so many amazing and wonderful Christian resources available, it would be a full time job to hunt them down and list them all! Wouldn’t THAT be a fun job?

Jean Stockdale of Standing Near the Cross Ministries announced a new interactive online Bible study of Ephesians for women – it begins September 24th. You can order your book at the link, and everything else is available online free! I’m subscribed to her blog to stay updated. Don’t know if I’ll get into this round (I’m doing 3 separate studies right now) but she’s got some great Bible study resources for women!
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Are You Stressed Out, Mom?

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Easy Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

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National Honesty Day

Seriously. It’s a real holiday.

Should I be concerned that it’s at the opposite end of the month that begins with April Fool’s Day???

Anyhew, I decided to just put it all out here.

Well, not ALL of it, but a lot of it. Honestly.

Things about me you never knew.

And probably don’t WANT to know –

Hey, I’m just being honest!


1. I have a dead-skin picking fetish. Sunburn. Dandruff. Whatever. Compelled to peel it off. Can’t leave it alone. Except on total strangers…

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Little Girls Should Have Big Imaginations


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