Heads Up! Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle Sale

Hi Everybody!  Hope you are having gloriously sunny Spring days like we are in my neck of the woods!  Yesterday was nearly perfect!

Our changing weather has brought on some severe allergy issues for me – I’ve been wrestling with some serious allergens, and am feeling better today than I have in almost a week!  My allergy issues tend to go into sinus infections and I have to keep tabs on it.  I can’t take benadryl because it will knock me out (like literally.  for almost 12 hours.  with half the adult dose).  So I have to rely on allergy medication and some alternative remedies to try to keep me going.

Which is why I am so excited to share the Herbs and Essential Oils Super Bundle with you!  Instead of making a whole post about it – I wanted to create a page for you so you can see all the items contained in the bundle.  Now listen, if you are AT ALL interested in relying on natural and alternative remedies for the health little issues that come along for you or your family – THIS BUNDLE IS FOR YOU!

Valued at about $800, containing 25+ ebooks and online courses, this bundle can help YOU use at-home remedies to help care for your health and the health of your family.  If you ever use any over-the-counter medications, you will probably find great value in this bundle!  You don’t have to become an herbalist to find this bundle beneficial – but I will tell you that one of the courses I’ve been taking {included in this bundle} has lit a fire in me again to learn what I can – not just about essential oils – but about herbs and natural products I can use (and even make myself) for my home and family!

Click RIGHT HERE to go straight to the Herbs and Essential Oils Sales Page!

Or, if you want to see all of the products that are included in the bundle, click RIGHT HERE to hop on over to my Ultimate Bundle Sales Page!

P.S. – I didn’t realize until late Sunday that a blog post I intended to go out on Saturday about this sale, actually got delivered on Sunday!  Blech!  I want to apologize for that.  I did not intend to send anything on Sunday and hope that if you are a mom, you did enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day!

I Am Not A Sales Person

I don’t push products for people to buy just because it makes me money.  Even though I am an affiliate for several products, I am not going to recommend anything that I don’t like or doesn’t save me time or money.  In fact, I’m just one of those people who gets excited about good deals and good products and I can’t help but share my enthusiasm when I find it.

I am fun at home sale parties.  But I hate selling.  I love to share great products at incredible savings – but I am NOT going to hard sell anybody successfully.  I know what it’s like to live on a budget and to know that $30 can be a major expense sometimes.  I don’t want someone else to go into debt because I recommended something to them that they really couldn’t afford or won’t use.  That makes me nauseous.  If someone says “No,” I tend to just walk away instead of using more sales tactics.

I can admit that on many days, I feel overwhelmed or unmotivated or frustrated with my management skills at home. The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a great resource I have always found to be useful and helpful to me in the past.   I have found printables that I can use for my schedules, routines, and my homemaking binders.  I have found encouragement from e-books on the heavy days of motherhood when I feel like I haven’t done anything right.  I have also found quick & easy recipes that make dinnertime less stressful. SCORE!

That’s what I love most about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.  I can download all my resources – save them on a flash drive or load them to my Kindle – and use them when I am ready and able.  I know there are items that I will probably never use, but there are so many that I go back to again and again!

If you don’t have any problems managing your home and family – this bundle isn’t for you.  If you don’t have $30 to spend, then DON’T buy it (please!)  If you don’t like to use printables or PDFs – then this will be a waste of your time and money.

Click the link below to learn more about the Bonus Offers that come with your purchase of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle.   (Sale ends at 11:59 pm on Monday, May 1)

It’s All in the Details – The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

So this post is going to be short & sweet.  The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is on sale TODAY.  Keep reading below to see some of my favorite categories – and exactly what is included in this bundle and click any of the graphics to visit the site and order your bundle.  Earlybird e-reader package expires at 11:59 pm tomorrow night!

This creativity bundle just makes my heart go pitter-patter.  The beautifully done printable journals, coloring books, and photography advice are the kinds of things that help me unwind and relax.  I can print off the coloring pages for myself and my girls – who love to use my glitter gel pens and markers along with me – and the Bible verse/Bible journaling books in this category are AWESOME!!!

This FAITH category includes some great little e-books to read for encouragement, a study of Proverbs for kids, another book on the topic of Bible journaling, and includes a couple of e-courses that you can take at your own pace!

The Motherhood category alone is worth far more than the purchase price of the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!  It includes 2 webinars and the Mom Conference complete package, as well as parenting workbooks and e-books to read when on the days when you wonder if you’re even a good mom.  (Oh, am I the only one who wonders???)

I love my printables!  I find so much sanity in using them in a variety of ways around my home and for my own mental stability.  This category also includes an ebook about creating a paperless home using Evernote (eek!), an ebook for building a homemaking binder, and another ebook about Bullet Journaling!  Good stuff here!

Now, these are just MY favorite categories.  There are so many other resources in this package – and don’t forget the bonuses that are available with your purchase of the bundle!  click the button below to learn more!


Am I Actually Starting My Day the Night Before?

The trick with tools is in using them.  A hammer cannot build anything unless it is picked up and used.  A planner cannot build a schedule or track a habit or remind you of appointments if it is not used.  Since there is no magic wand to make all the little things in my life fall into place and since I can’t twinkle my nose to complete my housework – I have to do a little “magic” of my own.  And by magic, I mean self-discipline.  Just about a week ago I posted about MoneySavingMom’s Make Over Your Evening course.  I said I had started doing it again, and because one of the key factors for success is accountability, I thought I would answer the question:  Am I Actually Starting My Day the Night Before?

Mind you, my husband has been gone during the weekdays (and overnights) at training for his job – so I have been sorta “single” parenting –  so staying on task with these other changes is NOT typically my forté.

However, this whole idea of starting my day the  night before ALSO ties into using my Bullet Journal, because one of the primary practices of the BuJo is to take time every evening to review your calendar for the next day.  This is one of the triggers for reminding me to dig deep and put into practice what I had already learned from the MOYE course.

So Am I Actually Starting My Day the Night Before?

Most evenings, I am.  And it has made a difference in how I feel when I wake up in the morning.  There have been late nights with kids where getting into my BuJo just wasn’t going to happen.  But what is great, is that I could pick it up the next morning and work through the things I could for the day:  Calendar check, routines check, etc.

I worked through the workbook again – just over a couple of days because it was a refresher for me – and it really helped me recognize how my life has changed and how some goals and motivations for me have changed.  That was both refreshing and encouraging.  I wasn’t just taking stock of where I had “failed” – but I could review how life has changed over the past year, why some goals needed adjusting, and reset my priorities accordingly.  I also considered the fact that, as a mom and a wife and a woman, I am changing, too.  And I could see some good changes.  THAT was probably my favorite part in reviewing this course again.

It is not a difficult course and does not require deep investigation into your life or your personality, so if you are looking for something fairly quick that can help you gain some refocus for your year – at home or for your family or for your work – I highly recommend you check out the Make Over Your Evenings course again.

The links for the Make Over Your Evenings course are my affiliate links.  I have used this course and found it to be so helpful in gaining a handle on my role as wife and mom and in starting my mornings off on a good foot. I love to share great resources when I find them, so I certainly wanted to recommend this course to you. If you click the links and choose to invest in yourself the same way I did, as a small thank you I will get a commission from Money Saving Mom.



Free Printables for Your Daily Routines

We all want what’s best, don’t we?  The best food, the best service, the best internet speed (Oh.  Is that just me?).  Many of us try to be our best and do our best in what we accomplish.  But sometimes, I find myself at the end of the day, wondering if it was all enough.  Did I DO enough today?  Could I have done more?

This is one reason God gave me the word “Enough” for 2017…  He wants to be ENOUGH for me and to let me know that I am Enough for the life He has given to me…

Sometimes, my best comes down in the planning for each day.  It isn’t so much that I am rigidly adhering to a plan, but rather that I have an outline for the day, incorporate my short and long-term goals, and take time to be intentional about how I spend my time.  I can either kill myself trying to stick to my written list; I can just wake up and go with the flow every day, meandering aimlessly through life; or, I can set aside time to plan and prepare.  I am still learning, but I want to share with you some printables I made to create a daily sheet for my kids and their routines.

I shared what can happen when you start the night before.

I have also shared what you need to begin building an effective schedule.

For the general everyday routines, I hone in on the important stuff – reminders to brush teeth and pack lunches, but also include the motivator of “screen time” when some routines are completed.  The ability to build their schedule, print it on paper, and post it for my kids allows all of us to relax and enjoy each other in the morning.  I don’t have to nag – they don’t have to try to argue.  It helps eliminate the nasty power struggles we tend to have far too often!

One important aspect of scheduling for me is that I need tools that are both practical and pretty.  I love lists and charts.  LOVE THEM!  (I am sure it is some kind of sickness…)  But just making a list every day gets boring and frankly, I lose interest sometimes…  On the other hand, when my planner page is pretty but does not have checklists, lines, or sections that are useful to me – it ends up sitting on a shelf unused.  (In fact, I have to add lines to my Happy Planner boxes when I use a checklist or need to track anything.  Don’t worry – I use other boxes just for pretty stickers and things…)

So I created some new routine charts for my kids.  My goal is to get them working on automatic to get ready for school, know what they need to do when they get home and help them remember to, ahem, brush their teeth every night before bedtime, too.  I also knew that I needed to personalize each schedule for each child so they could claim their “own”.

As a matter of fact, I posted Curly’s schedule yesterday afternoon and didn’t even have to ask her to check her routine or chore chart – she came home, she saw it and SHE DID IT!!!  Woohoo!  (Yes, I realize it probably won’t be like this everyday – and Georgie completely acted like she didn’t see hers…  I’m just gonna take one victory at a time, okay?)

I am sharing a couple of versions of the same file I created for my kids with you today.  These are available to you free – just for visiting my blog.  I created a grayscale version for anyone who can’t or won’t print in color – and a “spring” version because we are finally in that glorious season of the year!  Just click the links below to get your download.  Enjoy!

Daily Routines – Grayscale

Daily Routines – Spring

I hope you like these – I have a couple ideas for more designs, so I may have more to share in future posts.  If you have any questions or problems let me know in the comments!!!

What You Need to Begin Building an Effective Schedule

Starting my day the night before is proving to at least give me a sense of what my day requires.  Reviewing my calendar, task list, kid schedules, work schedule, menu ideas, and more – help me stay focused on the important things I want to accomplish in life – not just the everyday “stuff” that needs doing.  One of the biggest hurdles for me has been building an effective schedule!

I like to keep things fluid.  My life can literally change with the wind some days and I want to have flexibility that allows me to move with the changes that come, while still allowing me to FINISH things I have started!  I am currently working through a variety of different self-paced courses and webinars that are helping me get a big picture of my life as I know it.  I have one for blogging, two for internal/personal work, and one for home management.  I have slowly been digging through each of them simultaneously (because each one is self-paced, I can do this better than trying to slog through one at a time.)  One of the most significant things I have come to realize is that each one – in its own unique way – is leading me in the same direction.

Identifying my personality traits, my quirks & bents, my passions & desires, my weaknesses & opportunities to improve – are all helping me become the WHO I can be…  It’s not just about checklists for me.  Although I do love a really good checklist (and if you love checklists, come back tomorrow because I will have some *freebie* checklist options for you!)  I know that marking something as completed gives me a big sense of internal satisfaction and accomplishment.  But the unchecked boxes can sometimes trip me up with “I should have done more…”  Aha – there’s a little trap I set for myself that when I fall prey to, I lose focus, get discouraged, get overwhelmed, get lazy, and then I hit rock bottom.

So how do you begin to build an effective schedule?

Truth be told, there are a few standards to come to terms with before you can actually put an effective schedule in place.  (They are the building blocks for success in my daily life.)

Know Who You Are

Knowing oneself is not about keeping the focus on self.  But, knowing how you are wired can certainly help guide you into a more fulfilling life.  For me, understand my personality helps me know why some things are critically important to me and why I let other things slide.  Why some things make my anxiety rise to near panic, and why other things disappear from my view quickly.  When I understand that it is not in my nature to be tied down to certain tasks, I can find ways to delegate them to others who do them better.  OR, I can learn how to do them well enough and get over myself in the process.

Know Who You Are to Serve

This means you need to know Who is both affected by your schedule and has impact on your schedule.  If you have a spouse, a family, a job that requires travel, etc., it is important to understand how and why these parts of your life come together.  You have to know the needs and limitations that these things bring to your life so that you can plan effectively for them.

Frankly, while I would like to say “Jesus First” is totally my nature, it really isn’t.  It is truly what it is in my heart and what I want to see in myself – but I am as selfish as they come.  Which is why it is important for me to take stock and understand that for MY LIFE, it is crucial that everything I do is based on this:  To love and serve Jesus, and to love and serve Others.  WHEN I keep this in my vision, everything else falls into place.  When I don’t, I am frazzled and empty and don’t have anything left to give.

Know WHY

In almost any self-help workbook, workshop, class, etc., one of the first steps to making plans is to “know your why”.  This means understanding where you are in life, recognizing what season of life you are in, and what goals you have set for yourself (your marriage, your family, your job, your budget, etc.) Knowing you WHY is important when setting goals because the answer has HUGE impact on motivation.

Ultimately my WHY reverts back to my previous point – but when I break things down, knowing WHY dishes have to be done or don’t have to be done, or WHY dusting once a month is enough or not enough, or WHY setting aside time for coloring is important – helps me to build a schedule that is both conducive to my personality, supportive of my home & family, and satisfying in the completion of set tasks every day.

Taking stock of these needs has become an important step in moving towards a better schedule.  I do NOT have it all mastered, but I am sharing what I have learned because if you are like me – and you love to learn from others who are in the trenches with you – then you know that sometimes it just takes a little bit of a change in perspective to make life better.

I will share some scheduling tips I have implemented – and some free printables I put together that I have personalized for my kids and myself.  We are rolling these schedules out this week – so we are a work in progress, too!

When You Can Start Your Day the Night Before

Maybe at the end of the day you collapse into your bed, tired from the tasks you performed and managing your home, work, and family.  Maybe two cups of coffee in the morning help you get going (like they do me), but you find that you run out of steam before the end of the day and can’t seem to finish everything you started.  Maybe you just can’t wait for the kids’ bedtime so you can have a few minutes to breathe.  Or think.  Or wash dishes.  Or visit with your husband.  I can totally relate!

One of my goals for 2017 was to do some online courses that helped me improve the way I manage my home – but not just in the organizational aspect!  I wanted to find things that would help me build some good habits and work out some bad ones that were keeping me in a a continuous state of confusion.  I found something that I want to share with you that is helping me turn my days around because my days are starting the night before!

I have always tried to find THE perfect planning system to help me manage everything.  Being the Messie I am, and the mom of VERY active kids with lots of activities and appointments – I definitely need help.  I can have the best set of pens, all the right planner pages and my phone calendar – but I needed help putting it all together in a system that Helps Me Succeed as a Mom!

FIRST OF ALL – Make Over Your Evenings is a simple 14-day course that comes with short videos, along with daily projects and worksheets to help you pinpoint and narrow your focus and priorities (This was my BIG AHA for this course!) so you can find more success in navigating through your busy days.

SECOND OF ALL – it comes from a source whom I trust.  I have found such great advice and direction from following Money Saving Mom and using her printables and courses.  So I am very comfortable in recommending her to you!

I am absolutely an affiliate of Make Over Your Evenings because it has been very helpful to me and is an affordable investment for obtaining a level of sanity in my insane life.  (This means if you click the links in this post or sidebar and purchase the MOYE course, I will receive a commission for referring you.  And I THANK YOU if you do!)

The great thing about this course is you can go through it once.  Or twice.  Or every year, for that matter.  As my kids are growing and life is changing, I find that walking through it every year really gives me a better focus when I need it.  I have recently re-started this course to help me establish some calm in my day and build a plan for helping my family thrive.  Having a plan for my day lets me stay on track, helps me keep my head in the game, and keeps my anxiety at bay.   It helps me handle overwhelm I feel from living a very full life.  And when I help my day start the night before, it makes me a much better mom!

How My Bullet Journal Reduces Stress

Because I use a Happy Planner and am learning to incorporate my bullet journaling into it, I should call it something easy like “Happy Journal”, right?  One of my important integrations is a Gratitude List, so Happy Journal would fit!  I am finding it a bit of a challenge to get into a rhythm with all of it, but when I do stop and take a few minutes every morning and every evening to “check in” with myself and my planner, I am coming to realize how my bullet journal reduces stress for me!!!

Although I resisted starting a habit tracker, I have found it to be invaluable to getting my day started off on the right foot!  It is sort of an ongoing “To Do” list for me of things that I really should be doing every day, but often forget because I’m busy and tired and approaching age 50 at the speed of light!

But more than a simple to do list, it contains the items I consider to be valuable to creating and maintaining a life of purpose and intention, while staying focused on my 2 Words for 2017!

The thing I like most about using my bullet journal is that the habit tracker is flexible!  I can flex from month to month, adding or changing habit items.  I can keep track for one month or for more than one month of certain habits I want to add or remove from my life, and follow my progress accordingly.

The habit tracker has become a reference point in my day, and when I use it, my morning and evening routines flow so much more smoothly.  I am reminded (but not nagged) to do things that help keep not only me, but my family in a good rhythm – and that certainly reduces my stress levels.  I can quickly see what items need my immediate attention, what items may not actually be as important as I first imagined, and also determine what things I need to add to my habit items.

Using a Gratitude list within my Happy Journal is a big deal for me, too.  I can easily whisper a “Thank you, Lord” for something awesome that happens – but we all know that recording these moments are both good and healthy.  It adds that sense of intention and can be seen over and over again, brought to mind and memory, and serve as a good balance for perspective – especially when things get a little wonky in life.  I have listed “Gratitude” in my habit tracker so that I can be reminded to record these moments and to be thankful for what I have been given.

It would be easy enough to just keep a habit tracker and gratitude list in a separate journal, but my goal is to really integrate everything into one go-to place, and I am finding it easier to combine my Bullet Journal and Happy Planner – and that makes me a Happy Mama!

Do you use a habit tracker?  How about a gratitude list?  How has the practice of using either one or both helped you?



Bullet Journaling in my MAMBI Happy Planner

Since using my MAMBI Happy Planner for the past year or so, I finally found my “groove” for recording notes and planning family schedules.  The MAMBI line includes a variety of extension packs including wedding, fitness, and home management planner pages.  I forgot to mention in my previous post that there are also inserts for photos, pocket folders and other dividers available as well – AND a variety of covers so you can stylize your planner even more.  The Note and Graph paper pack is my FAVORITE MAMBI addition – I love the variety of lined notes and graph paper. (affiliate links!)

Because I have been bullet journaling somewhat haphazardly, I wanted to find a way to incorporate my Happy Planner with my Bullet Journaling.  I use my HP mostly for schedule tracking and task completion.  But I don’t like to have to wait to get home from work to look in my bullet journal to remember details about things I wanted to tackle on my way home from work.  I decided I really needed to solve the problem and figure out how to add Bullet Journaling to my MAMBI Happy Planner.

Having found a couple of Bullet Journaling blogs through Instagram, I was learning more about bullet journaling, so it helped me narrow down what I could do with my Happy Planner already, and how I could add more to get the benefit of having both a planner and bullet journal in one.

Now some bullet journaling enthusiasts literally build their schedule every day.  In fact, I am following Kara Benz from Boho Berry, and she started a 30 days series that literally shows the process she goes through nightly to use her bullet journal.  That does NOT work for me – which is why I need the Happy Planner as my base.  But some of the tracking methods used by her and others have real value and offer more goal tracking – which helps me keep my eye on the future in the bigger picture.  (This post by Kara shows several layouts in her bullet journal – some of which I want to imitate within my HP).

Some of the things I’d like to add by Bullet Journaling in my MAMBI Happy Planner are:

  • Favorite meals (quick at a glance reference)
  • Books to read (for downtime that might pop up)
  • Bucket List
  • Home Project List (so when I am shopping I can stay on track)
  • Habit Tracking (I LOVE this aspect of bullet journaling because it is both a reminder and a report card!)

Getting everything on paper – not just schedules and appointments, but goals and dreams and bucket lists – makes those goals more tangible and trackable.  It is good to have a written plan with flexibility, and to be able to both look back and mark success and then look forward to see what to work toward.  This is the biggest factor in my desire to add bullet journaling to my Happy Planner…

So what do you think about Bullet Journaling?  Have you tried it before?  Do you use it now?  How has it benefited you?  Would you consider doing any bullet journaling after reading Kara’s post?


The MAMBI Happy Planner

Over the years, I have written often about different planning systems and binders.  I have gone from large 3 ring binders with personalized printables to trying to use my phone calendar with reminders.  I have used small purse-sized monthly calendars and thick desk-sized daily calendars.

I was emphatic about one thing:  My planner had to be both Pretty and Practical!

I also learned that I needed to be able to change up my planner as I moved through my days and weeks and months.  I needed the flexibility of using budget pages or cleaning pages or scheduling pages or note pages.  I really needed to be able to remove and insert pages so I could move it from desktop to a bag to carry.

Enter the me & my BIG ideas (MAMBI) Create 365 Happy Planner (HP)

I have been spending some time lately working on incorporating my Bullet Journal practice into my Happy Planner. Just before Christmas, I purchased a 2017 Color Your World Planner at 50% off!

and I. Love. It.

This is a disc-based planning system.  Pages are removable and interchangeable, and there are a variety of disc sizes so the planner can be thinner or thicker depending on how you want to use it.  I LOVE THIS SYSTEM!

The typical Happy Planner offers a vertical layout – each day is in a top-to-bottom layout.  Older planners had titles on the sections – newer planners tend to have more blank titles.  Color schemes seemed to have softened up a bit this year as well, so there is a LOT of room to personalize each planner by each user.

My favorite size is the CLASSIC – which again offers 7″x 9.25″ paper.  The mini-HP paper size is 4.63″ x 7″.  The BIG HP has 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

This planner – along with a few other brands – has inspired a large number of planner groups, specific to each planner.  These groups share information about sales & specials they might find online or at local stores, conventional and unconventional ways to use a planner, tips & tricks for organizing or reorganizing the layouts, and so much more!

I have 2 good friends who are planner nuts like me (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) One of them decided she doesn’t like the HP at all so she gave me her unused one, and another has switched to the mini-HP and prefers it to the classic size.   In the past year, MAMBI also came out with the Big HP – which has 8.5″x11″ paper inside.

If you like the ability to add or remove pages or sections to your planning system, you should check out the MAMBI Happy Planner.  You can find them at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, JoAnn’s, or Amazon, and other stores as well.

Here is a pretty mini-planner with PEONIES on the cover (ACK!)

And here is one of the BIG Happy Planners available, too:

All the links in this post are my Amazon affiliate links. If you decide to actually purchase an item using one of these links, I will receive a small commission which will help fuel my coffee habit. OR my Happy Planner habit. Either way, if you do make a purchase, I will thank you in advance!

Do You have a Go-To Planner that you love to use?  What is it like?  Do you use the same style every year?