Do It Yourself Laundry Stain Spray {Naturally Tuesdays}

I love to pin to my Pinterest boards on a regular basis.  I have the app on my phone, and when I get the urge, I’ll even pin from my phone.

But what I REALLY like to do is actually TRY the recipes I pin.  Whether food or do-it-yourself, decorating or other ideas.  Now this recipe is not entirely “natural”, but it is homemade and man, do I LOOOOOOOOOVE it!  It is the best pinned recipe I have ever tried. If you have kids (or grandkids) like mine who play hard and grass stain everything they wear, I’m going to suggest you try this Do It Yourself Laundry Stain Spray.

It IS economical.  Compared to the price of premade brand name stain sprays, this stuff is CHEAP.  Most likely you already have the ingredients under your sink or in your pantry, and if you have to buy anything, it will be something you can use in other ways.  There are a couple of versions for making your own stain spray, but I liked this one because I could mix it and store it in the spray bottle ahead of time.

There are even a few variations of the recipe itself, but this is what I used:

If you are concerned about the effects of Dawn dish detergent in the environment, click here

Do It Yourself Laundry Stain Spray {Naturally Tuesdays}
Recipe Type: do it yourself, cleaning
Great homemade stain fighter
  • 1 cup Dawn dish detergent (original blue)
  • 1 cup lemon-scented ammonia
  • 6 Tbsp. baking soda
  • 2 Tbsp. oxygen based whitening powder
  • 2 cups warm water
  1. In medium plastic or glass bowl, stir dish soap and ammonia. Dissolve the powdered ingredients in the warm water, and add to soap mixture in bowl.
  2. You can immediately fill a spray bottle and store any leftover solution in a clean jar or bottle.
  3. Spray directly on stains, especially grass, chocolate, blood, etc., and allow to set before washing. (Be sure to check fabric label or do a small test spot if you are concerned about your particular fabric.)
Original Dawn is the best dish detergent to use for this recipe in my experience. You may prefer another soap, and can try it if you’d like.

This stain fighter has actually released stains that were dried-in. The smell is not unpleasant, and I intentionally used a lemon-scented ammonia to help with this. It actually smelled fresh and clean to me.

For the time and ingredients invested in this recipe, it was so worth making and I am ready to make a new batch the next time I get groceries and buy my ingredients!

Tuesday Morning Tea

Would you join me for a cup? I’ve got some Tazo Calm (lovely stuff) or my PG Tips, excellent with a little milk and honey for sweetener.

Yesterday, after writing about cleaning my desk, and then reading Nans post at Moms The Word, and knowing about Bliss Challenge Week 1 at Blissfully Domestic, I tackled the project with some trepidation because I had let my desk go for sooooooo long. (How many “encouragers” one needs is in direct proportion to the size of the project! lol)
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Singin’ At Home with Michael Buble

Whew – the preparation for Christmas has NOTHING on the aftermath of Christmas!


This is the pile of boxes remaining from our Christmas extravaganza!

My dad always had a “system” for opening gifts on Christmas morning. After one of us kids was selected to play Santa, one gift was passed out at a time and opened individually so that everybody enjoyed each other’s Christmas gifts. As each gift was open the wrapping paper, boxes, and other packaging materials were collected IMMEDIATELY into a garbage bag, or broken down as needed. The only aftermath I ever saw was a stuffed-to-the-brim garbage bag.
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Am I Singing Today?

So being newly – and might I add surprisinglypregnant has left me absolutely wiped out.

No. Energy.

We just found out about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been really struggling to adjust to the news. It’s not that it’s bad news, it just literally shocked me so I’ve had a mix of blissful excitement with twangs of anxiety and panic.

You see, I will be turning 40 in December. That’s really no big deal – in fact, I’m looking forward to reaching my 40th birthday and see it as a major, Happy, milestone of my life.
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Do you Remember That Smell?

My grandmother wore a certain perfume – and although she passed away almost 22 years ago, whenever I get a whiff of it – I instantly remember her. As we grow up, I think many of us could attest to the impact that our sense of smell has on us.

A newborn’s sense of smell helps him/her identify his mother and follow to his/her necessary food source. In fact, within just a few days of birth, a newborn will show preference for his/her own mother’s breast milk than another’s, and plays a significant role in bonding between mother and infant.
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I’m Singing In the Rain…

Making your home sing Mondays

Have you ever tried to actually Sing in the Rain? Usually I’m a bit “froggier” during wet weather so I don’t sing with as much gusto, but I’m usually singing in my head at least…

I’ve found that doing my “chores” around the house is SOOOOOOO much better if I am listening to praise & worship music – or tappin’ your foot contemporary Christian music. I get in a “groove” and if I’m singing while I work, the work seems to go by much faster. I’m amazed at what I can accomplish in a short amount of time, if I’m thinking about what I’m singing rather than how many times I have to wash dishes every day…

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Happy Coffee Day! Making Homemade Cleaners

Hello Coffee Girls! Thanks for stopping by. I’ve got a pot of medium-roast Breakfast Blend on (and the kettle on for you tea lovers) – help yourself to a pumpkin scone while you’re here!

A few weeks ago I wrote about making Lotion Bars among other things. I did in fact make them, BUT because I didn’t have a great measuring system for the beeswax, I’ve had to remelt them down and grate in some additional wax. The oil left things extra oily and the bars were more malleable in my hand than they should be. So the re-newed batch is setting up now, and I’ll share the recipe when I’ve mastered it. LOL
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Making Your Home Sing Monday: Juggling Act

I can SOOOO relate to this post at Moms The Word today!

I won’t admit how many times I’ve discovered a load of laundry in my washer – 2 or even 3 days after it’s been washed. UGH! It’s easy to forget that I started the load – my washer & dryer are in our dungeon basement, and I only go there to DO laundry. I need to find a way to post a reminder somewhere around my house so I can avoid that yukky sour smell!!! Continue reading

Are You a Creative-Perfectionist-Procrastinator like Me?

Then YOU should meet The Fly Lady! Oh my gosh – I am SO happy to have found her again!

A couple of years ago when I first got married, I was looking for something to help me learn how to manage our household. I knew the things that needed to be done, but getting them accomplished without sabotaging myself in my perfectionist (and therefore, procrastinating) ways proved to be very difficult. I visited several sites, made weak attempts at their “programs” and gave up. Continue reading