I Got Pinned!

I’m a frequent visitor of Twitter. I enjoy it. Short, to the point, entertaining, enlightening. But that’s for another post. I’ve gotten to know several Christian women, found great conversations and contests, and links to blogs I now follow.

It was while I was on Twitter that I kept seeing “Pinterest” pop up. “What the heck is Pinterest?” you ask. Well, because I’m nosy, I decided to go find out what it is. And I got pinned!
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The Big Rush

Is anybody in the pre-Holiday rush yet? I mean really, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas – what’s your status for Christmas shopping?

We’re not in the rush, but the wheels are turning and we do have a Christmas list. For the first time, and have a pretty good idea what Santa will be bringing to our house this year. I’m also talking with a friend about getting together to bake some cookies and make some candies sometime. Haven’t done that in a long time.
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I Just Love the Internet!

I grew up a military “brat” because my dad was in the Air Force. About every 4 years, he would be stationed at a new base, and we’d all have to pack up – pull up roots – and move to a new place.

I’ll admit – it wasn’t always easy – but I learned a few things that have really made my internet connections special.

Long Distance Friendships. I learned to stay in touch with people – of course, in those days it was by letter sent through the US Postal Service. Remember those days? I was an AVID letter writer – and it was the only way to stay in touch. Now – I can stay in touch with old friends and make new friends – real friends – because of places like Facebook or message boards (like A Woman Inspired or Mom Bloggers Club, for example).
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Tuesday Morning Tea

Would you join me for a cup? I’ve got some Tazo Calm (lovely stuff) or my PG Tips, excellent with a little milk and honey for sweetener.

Yesterday, after writing about cleaning my desk, and then reading Nans post at Moms The Word, and knowing about Bliss Challenge Week 1 at Blissfully Domestic, I tackled the project with some trepidation because I had let my desk go for sooooooo long. (How many “encouragers” one needs is in direct proportion to the size of the project! lol)
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Am I Singing Today?

So being newly – and might I add surprisinglypregnant has left me absolutely wiped out.

No. Energy.

We just found out about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been really struggling to adjust to the news. It’s not that it’s bad news, it just literally shocked me so I’ve had a mix of blissful excitement with twangs of anxiety and panic.

You see, I will be turning 40 in December. That’s really no big deal – in fact, I’m looking forward to reaching my 40th birthday and see it as a major, Happy, milestone of my life.
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CBC: Danielle Asks Why I Started Blogging

Danielle, of Danielle’s Journey, has answered my questions in our Cross Blog Conversation about her internship experience and how she got started with Sweepstakes & Giveaways. It does sound like a really fun hobby!

So now she’s asked me a couple of questions:

home momHow long have you been blogging? As a stay-at-home (busy) mom how has it benefited your life? Okay and one last question: Why did you choose to start blogging?

I have been blogging for almost 4 years. It started after Curly was born and family and friends wanted to see how she was growing and see pictures of her. It was sort of a published newsletter for me. Continue reading

Finding Christian Connection Online

Do you find Christian connection online? Do you fellowship with other Christians online? It isn’t hard, but in this world where some connections can be dangerous or ungodly, it’s nice to find connection that is uplifing, encouraging and inspiring. The kind of connection that builds your faith in God as you fellowship with others.

If you think about it, the opportunity for Christian fellowship online is remarkable. Christian fellowship in the Apostle Paul’s time took a considerable length of time. Letters written, sealed, and then sent via messengers – journeys that lasted for days, weeks, months. Continue reading

Happy Reading – Link Love Showcase!

Here are my favorites posts this week:

FAITH: Over at the Internet Cafe this week I read that All He Has Is Yours. Good stuff!!!

FAMILY: Sheila over at To Love, Honor and Vacuum had me ROLLING on the floor with The Kid Dictionary.

FOOD: goodlife {eats} shared this scrumptious looking recipe for Zucchini Apple Spice Muffins. Now if only the rabbits would leave my zucchini alone…

FRIENDS: Alyssa posted You Know You’re A Sister When at Life From My Laptop. Continue reading

Are You a Social Butterfly?

credit: dezinerfolio

credit: dezinerfolio

The only trouble I ever got into at school was for socializing with my neighbors. From my first “report card” all through high school – the only significant trouble I ever faced was because I loved to visit and chat and catch up with friends. During class.

I was asked to leave a class – more than once – because I could not stop laughing. It was the kind of laughing that had no “stop” button and left me breathless with tears rolling down my face.

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Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Yep – I like a good party. Join us here!

Make new friends and win free stuff!!!

My favorite prizes are: # 59, 9, 128, 11, 12, 14, Intl 27 & 31…

I always enjoy these online connections. It’s a great way to meet new people and find friends along the way. If you’re joining me from UBP 2009 – Welcome.

I’m a Christian wife & mom who formerly worked outside the home, settling into being a full-time HomeKeeper, and striving to put & keep the Lord first in all things! I’m finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology via online courses through Liberty University, and look to obtain a nursing degree (RN) after that. Continue reading