If Teacups Could Talk

I have a small – but treasured – collection of books that are related to the taking of Tea. Every once in awhile, I like to pull them out, reread them, review the beautiful pictures and dream of afternoons spent enjoying tea.  Especially as the crisp of Fall weather starts to settle in.

I don’t even remember when I purchased my copy of If Teacups Could Talk, by Emilie Barnes. It is my favorite Tea-related book, and one I turn to often for inspiration.

It is so beautifully illustrated and includes some lovely recipes, but the thing I love the most about this book is how the author shares her love & passion for tea and tea parties. It isn’t just about drinking tea – but about using tea time as a means to building relationships.

It doesn’t REALLY matter if the liquid involved is Tea – it could be coffee, water, pop, etc.  It doesn’t really matter if you choose to have tea alone, with your children, or with friends.  The idea is to make taking tea a refreshing experience for the body and soul.

So whether you have an antique teapot with matching teacups and saucers handed down through generations of your family, or you have mismatched mugs collected over the years – consider inviting someone special to have some Tea Time with you.

And if you are looking for some inspiration, I recommend this book and others by Emilie Barnes. I have several of her books and reading them is like the practice of deep breathing for the soul!

I have included my affiliate links for Amazon.  If you click the link and decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission – but it won’t cost you anything extra!

Summer is Just Peachy

Okay, who turned the heat up, y’all?

(I have to tell you my kids get onto me when I say “y’all”.  We live in Ohio and their brother lives in Louisiana where “y’all” is pretty normal.  They get all up in arms when I use it and want me to justify why I do…)

Our few glorious spring days – the kind where you can wear a sweater in the morning and shed it for the afternoon – have disappeared into the murky morning-fog of humidity and rising heat.  I mean when it is 93 degrees in May.  In Ohio.   It is JUST wrong, y’all.

But thankfully, despite an emergency furnace failure in November which required replacement, our air-conditioning now works.  HALLELUJAH, y’all!

We have lived for 4 years without A/C – except for the window unit in our master bedroom – and this summer, we are so entirely grateful for air conditioning in main portions of the house.

I can NOT handle the heat.  I will own up to it.  I feel like a raging lunatic when I get too hot.  If i can muster the energy to move, that is.  I get hot & sweaty when it’s 80, so 93 the other day was not friendly.

I’m like one of those cartoon characters that melt and slide off the chair when it’s hot outside.

So, I have been enjoying the cold air now blowing from our vents and am SO thankful.

Oh, and it helps to have some sweet Peach tea that my Mama sent me.  It is pre-sweetened with stevia, is caffeine free and is for cold brewing so it’s really easy to make a pitcher!

So if you wanna know where the “y’all” came from – I’m gonna blame it on the Southern Breeze Peach tea!

Are you a fan of Peach tea?

You can find this Southern Breeze Peach Tea on Amazon.com – although I can’t remember where my mom got hers, I know I have seen it on ebay, too.  I can only find it online in multiple packs, so when you see the price, look at how many boxes you get for the price.

I brew mine using half sweet peach cold brew bags and half black tea for iced tea bags cuz I like a little bit of caffeine of course. (I am using my amazon.com link which means I can earn commission if you decide to stock up – but that doesn’t cost you anything more than the price of tea on Amazon.com…)

This brand also has a cold brew sweetened black tea, so I may just have to try that, too.  My daughter, Claira, has been brewing a quick cup of iced peach tea after getting off the bus for the past couple of weeks, so I will probably have to order more to get us through the summer!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL for my kiddos, so the A/C and sweet tea are gonna come in handy this summer!

It’s Friday – Grab a BIG Cup!

Hello Company Gals and good friends & readers! Grab a bagel and pass your mug – I’ve got some great coffee and flavored creamer this morning! We got about 3″ of snow overnight, so we’re bundling up this morning!

Can you believe it’s Friday? It really is true:

Time Flies when you’re having Fun!

And I’ve had a fun week! I can’t really think of anything remarkable to share, it’s just been a mostly uplifting, positive, good week – and I’m gonna give God all the credit!
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Wonderfull Wednesday!

Last night we hosted a Christmas Tea for the ladies of our church. It was really a Christmas Concert Tea – and it was lovely. Besides the fact that I love Tea – I. Love. Christmas!

Always have! My birthday is next week, and I loved the fact that I was always able to celebrate my birthday amidst the lights and festivity of the Christmas season.


Do you love Christmas? Do you love the shopping and gift giving? The baking and family get togethers? The snow and lights and the frost on the windowpanes?
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The Work of Your Hands

Several years ago, my younger brother Dan, sent me a present for my birthday. He was very excited about it and told me to be looking for it to come. That was a little unusual, and when I got the box and saw the size, I was not sure what to expect.

When I opened it, inside was a hand coffee mill.

I was ecstatic! When I called to talk to him about it, he told me he had found it online after much searching and it actually came from Germany. I was so surprised at his very thoughtful gift and asked him how in the world he knew I would love something like that – and he remembered me telling him about Laura Ingalls and the coffee mill she used to save their family from starvation.
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Company Coffee Girls: Let’s Have Tea!

Some of you may enjoy a rich, roast of your morning coffee – and I certainly do – but many of you also enjoy your tea – and I have a great fondness for tea, too… I posted about tea yesterday so feel free to visit and leave your comments – would love to know what tea you love and why…

Fall is certainly upon us. It got rainy and cool, and then it got rainy and cold. Brrrr!!! Time for jackets and hats. Time for soups and stews. Time for coffee and tea! (Like I can’t find a reason to enjoy either any other time of year…) Continue reading

Tea-riffic Thursday!

So have you been enjoying your iced tea this summer? I’ll admit I’m hung up on Iced Mochas right now – but I can only drink so many of them before I get sick. Not to mention the calories consumed…

Iced Tea is the perfect solution!

Just because National Iced Tea Month is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy one of the world’s favorite summer beverages.

With my fresh peppermint growing out back, I am going to have a fresh jug of tea made today. I’ll just use my regular black tea bags for now with a couple sprigs of peppermint (Mmmm – that’ll be so refreshing!)
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