If Teacups Could Talk

I have a small – but treasured – collection of books that are related to the taking of Tea. Every once in awhile, I like to pull them out, reread them, review the beautiful pictures and dream of afternoons spent enjoying tea.  Especially as the crisp of Fall weather starts to settle in.

I don’t even remember when I purchased my copy of If Teacups Could Talk, by Emilie Barnes. It is my favorite Tea-related book, and one I turn to often for inspiration.

It is so beautifully illustrated and includes some lovely recipes, but the thing I love the most about this book is how the author shares her love & passion for tea and tea parties. It isn’t just about drinking tea – but about using tea time as a means to building relationships.

It doesn’t REALLY matter if the liquid involved is Tea – it could be coffee, water, pop, etc.  It doesn’t really matter if you choose to have tea alone, with your children, or with friends.  The idea is to make taking tea a refreshing experience for the body and soul.

So whether you have an antique teapot with matching teacups and saucers handed down through generations of your family, or you have mismatched mugs collected over the years – consider inviting someone special to have some Tea Time with you.

And if you are looking for some inspiration, I recommend this book and others by Emilie Barnes. I have several of her books and reading them is like the practice of deep breathing for the soul!

I have included my affiliate links for Amazon.  If you click the link and decide to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission – but it won’t cost you anything extra!

Eat at Home Tonight {Product Review}

 Eat at Home Tonight might just be the ticket to making meal planning & prep easier!  This cookbook contains 101 “Simple Busy-Family Recipes…” which is what appealed to me the most!  The very first recipe section of the cookbook is titled “I Only Have 15 Minutes Tonight”!  It is my favorite chapter and one I turn to every time I am looking for cooking inspiration.

Frankly, I have lost my cooking mojo.  I don’t want to cook very often – IF at all these days.  It has been discouraging for me and frustrating for my family.  I have no excuse like previous summers (when we did NOT have air-conditioning) and I find myself dragging my feet to think about meal planning, let alone prepping for meals.

I hoped that reading through this cookbook would give me the inspiration to try something new.  Honestly, every time I open this little book, I flip through the cookbook looking at the gorgeous pictures and find myself turning to the same pages for recipes to try.  It is beautifully done, definitely geared towards busy families and includes recipes that are both simple and appealing.

Simple recipes like:

  • White Garlic Chicken Flatbread
  • Memphis-Style BBQ Chicken Tacos with Coleslaw
  • Tacos al Pastor
  • Skillet Swiss Frittata with Spinach & Tomatoes, and 
  • Mexican Meat Loaf

I made the Skillet Swiss Frittata with Spinach & Tomatoes (eggs from our backyard chickens and fresh tomatoes from my in-law’s) and my husband RAVED about it!  Sometimes it’s hard to keep eggs on the dinner menu, but this recipe would satisfy just about everyone on my family!!!

One of the most interesting sections (which I have yet to dig into making) is the chapter “I Want to Cook For Tonight and Tomorrow” which includes recipes to cook the main dish for one night, with a recipe for leftovers the following night!  I am drawn to “Garlicky Pulled Pork” which can be used for “Pulled Pork Cuban Sliders” followed by “I’ll do it Tamale”!  Looks and sounds SO delicious!  I haven’t done this yet, but when I can get boneless pork roast on sale, I am making it!

To top this off – for those of you who might be VERY organized – there is a “I Want to Cook for the Whole Week Tonight” section which includes 2 weeks worth of 6-in-1 Menu Plans with shopping lists!  (Maybe when I get my mojo back, I’ll dare attempt this!)  Basically, this cookbook gives me NO excuse not to cook a delicious meal for my family at home.  Blessing or curse???

Eat at Home Tonight retails for $22.00 but right now on Amazon, it is on sale for $14.58 (as of the time of writing this post)!  

I was given a copy of the newly-released cookbook, Eat at Home Tonight, by Tiffany King in exchange for my honest review.  I received an advanced reader copy, which includes b&w pictures – which always makes a cookbook more useful in my opinion.  FYI – The published edition contains full-color pics.  I am using my Amazon affiliate links throughout this post.  If you should purchase this cookbook via these links, I earn a small commission for the referral – but it doesn’t cost you anything extra at all!!!

Have You Visited The Shack?

JonpoundYesterday at the very end of our morning church service we had a few surprise guests. Our pastor, his wife, and their 22-year old son Jonathan Pound were on stage addressing the church. In December, Jonathan was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. He had gone in to the doctor for back pain, following an injury while climbing. They discovered malignant tumors, and he is now receiving Round 3 of his very difficult chemotherapy.
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A New Book. A Daring New Life…

FearlessHB_LNo, I haven’t written a book. But one of my MOST favorite authors has. And it’s on a topic that I knew far too well: Fear.

Fearless: Imagine Your Life Without Fear

And I’ve been reading the first chapter. I was able to digitally ownload it free because I subscribe to his UpWords newsletter. (You can subscribe to this newsletter here, or click to read Fear Not and Fearless ch. 1)

Once again, in a matter of a few simple words, Max has drawn the ultimate portrait of life as we know it. How it feels – how it works – and how God wants it to be…
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Facebook & Faithbooking

Two totally different things – neither have anything to do with each other – and if I wanted to be “poetic” I’d wait to post this tomorrow so I could continue with the “F” theme. But life being what it is, I am not gonna wait!


If you are not familiar with Facebook (except for the stories about people being in online social networking sites and getting taken advantage of), I would recommend checking it out.
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