All About Kindergarten

Oh it was a BIG day! Curly’s first day of Kindergarten.

We all walked her into her classroom, found her desk and she sat right down. It was a bit hectic in the room, as you can imagine, and she just sat right down in a new class full of faces she doesn’t know yet. I kissed her and said goodbye, and then Roy kissed her and said goodbye. She turned around and smiled at us and watched us leave.
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Getting Ready…

School is getting into full swing around here. Some schools in the state started last week – and most in our area are starting today and tomorrow.

Curly is a “Kindergarten Girl” and she is ALL. KINDS. OF. EXCITED!

We pulled her out of the Christian school (for a variety of reasons) and she’ll be starting at a local Catholic school. The great thing about this school is that it’s only a couple of blocks away and she gets to go more than 3 hours a day! She is very excited about getting started – she’s quite the social butterfly. We are not Catholic, so we will address our faith with her at home, but the education is really excellent and having her so close is going to be really great.
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Today is finals, so there is no post. I have a paper to write, a discussion board to complete, a quiz and an exam.

It’s been an interesting week. This may be my last week of school for several month – more on that later – and I’m looking forward to a break, let me tell ya. As much as I LOVE the content, my school schedule – along with my other responsibilities – keeps me on the ropes far more than I can say I enjoy. I could use a breather and want to get my head on straight and then come back to finish it up refreshed!
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