2019 Catch-Up

So this post probably shoulda been posted in the first week of January.  It was in my head, and that is where it stayed.

I have been wanting to reach out – so many changes have happened over the past 4 months…

  • I quit my 2nd job as a cashier before my birthday in December.  It ended up they were only working me 5 hours a week and ONLY on Sundays.  Which pretty well defeated the purpose of my working there.
  • Got a different 2nd part-time job with an agency in Marionwhich is still being worked out as of this date – but I think it will be something I enjoy!  I will be assisting with parenting classes and working with parents of juveniles who have been involved in the court system there.  I will be an ASSISTANT – not a coordinator – so I think I will learn a lot and enjoy interacting with people.
  • Accepted another job credentialing providers for a mental health/counseling agency in Mansfield.  Now this is something I REALLY enjoy doing, and have done it in the past.  It is mainly computer work, and I will do most of it – At Home – while kids are in school.  Which is something I have been praying about and works really well for us…
  • IF MY KIDS EVER GET TO HAVE SCHOOL AGAIN!  Has this been a Winterpocalypse in your neck of the woods, too?
  • We adopted a new puppy, Lucy Jo, a 6 month old chihuahua.  It truly is like having a 3 year old in the house – and I am feeling more my age these days.  ha  But she is a sweet little thing – who loves us all and competes with Sam for my attention.  That has been entertaining to say the least.  She came to us as a rescue, who was fostered for a little bit – and actually partly potty-trained – so it’s all good!

It has been several years since we have seen so much snow and such cold temperatures for any length of time here in northcentral Ohio.  We have had numerous flood warnings over the past month – between the snowfall which melts within a few days and the rain that seems to follow right behind in the next weather system.  One morning this week when I took Lucy outside, I was surprised by a bright round moon in the dark blue sky, and the snow glittered like diamonds all around.  It was absolutely breathtaking! The roads are breathtaking for totally different reasons…

Basketball season is in full swing.  Both Kaity & Sam have played.  Kaity’s coming to her tournaments this weekend while Sam’s games / tournaments extend into March.  It has been busy since my hubby, Greg, has been helping coach both teams!

I hope that 2019 is being good to you!  Leave me a comment to catch me up on your news!